How to Cool Down and Relax When the Weather Outside is Beautiful But Sweltering

Phew, it’s a hot one out there!

Summer brings blazes of hot weather that makes you long for arctic temperatures, but there are ways you can cool down and relax without booking a trip to Alaska.

When the weather outside is beautiful, but the swelter is a little too much for you, consider cooling down and relaxing with the following suggestions. Bonus – these methods don’t require you to stay indoors or in air-conditioned rooms.


Add a Sunroom to Your Home

Sunrooms add space and sunshine to your home. They bring the beauty of summer days into your house without compromising your comfort. These rooms are bright and friendly, commonly replacing dining rooms or living rooms as gathering rooms for friends and families. There are a dozen designs to choose from too, each perfect for filling with your favorite, cozy furniture.

Keep a Cooler Stocked with Ice and Cold Drinks for Outdoor Fun

Hydration is most important for keeping cool when the weather is hot. Keep a cooler nearby, stocked with lots of ice and cold drinks whenever you spend an extended period outdoors. Water is most important, but there’s no harm in having lemonade, sweet tea, or a soda in moderation. Just don’t overdo it because sugar can lead to dehydration.

Go Swimming Whenever Possible

If you have access to a swimming pool, lake, or even a sprinkler system, cold water is the best way to cool down when the weather warms up. You lose the most heat out of the bottom of your feet and the top of your head. Spritzing or submerging in cold water helps to cool your whole body.

Summertime doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. The aforementioned methods for keeping cool and relaxed will allow you to enjoy being outdoors in the beautiful weather without sweating in the swelter.